Spread the word!

The time has come to spread the word about praying God’s Word!

After only posting two videos and a launch date on the prayScripture.org Facebook page, we are humbled, grateful, and blown away by all of the interest and excitement we have seen in so many people! God is moving. We are excited to join Him in what He is doing and see what He has in store!

If you have already shared prayScripture.org with someone, THANK YOU.

If you have been waiting for the official launch date to come and a green light to share, WAIT NO MORE.

Everyone else, please join us and share our website and the message of praying scripture with someone.

This MONDAY, MAY 19th, we will officially launch and begin our journey with the book of John.

Is there anyone in your life that you are praying for his or her salvation? Do you know anyone who struggles with believing in Jesus and the truth of His words? If so, John will take us on a deep journey of praying for people to BELIEVE.

Join us on our journey. Bring someone with you.


For more ideas of how to use our daily prayers, to Pray by Book, or subscribe by email, check out www.prayscripture.org.


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