Genesis 39-50

Today we wrap up our seven-day journey through the book of Genesis. Please take a moment to pray these scriptures over someone today. You may want to READ the chapters before you begin.

(Due to the number of chapters covered in today’s reading, we will not be linking to individual chapters. Click HERE to choose which chapters you would like to listen to.) 

39:21     Lord, please be with ______, show him/her kindness, and grant him/her favor with others as You did with Joseph.

48:15-16    May You, God, be ______’s shepherd all his/her life and deliver ______ from all harm, just as You did for Jacob.

50:20    (In hard times, help ______ see the bigger picture and know that) whatever the enemy intends for harm, You, Lord intend it for good to accomplish Your purposes.

QUESTION: Do you have a story of how something that was intended for harm in your life God used for good to accomplish His purposes? Take some time today to reflect on the ways God has used hard circumstances in your life for good.

Up Next: Psalm 12, 13, and 14! 

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