Intro to EXODUS

Starting tomorrow, we will begin a 4-week journey through the Old Testament book Exodus.  This book has become a new favorite of ours, so please read below to see what is in store for you and those you will be praying for!

As God reveals himself to the Israelites and to Pharoah in Egypt, we get a chance to look closely at God’s character, spoken in His own words to Moses.

Our prayer time in Exodus will center around one thing: Knowing God.

He is the LORD, Yahweh. He is I AM.
He is Rescuer, Deliverer, and Warrior.
He is a holy, Jealous God. He gains glory for Himself and there is none like Him.
He is Jehohvah Nissi, our Banner. He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals.
He is able to do what seems impossible to man, and yet-
This awesome God sees us, hears us, is concerned for us and His desire is to dwell with us and be our God.

We serve an AWESOME GOD.

Please invite someone to know God in a new way through this 4-week prayer journey in Exodus. Who can you ask to pray with you?


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