Ephesians 2:14-22

Please take a moment to pray these scriptures over someone today.  You may want to READ or LISTEN to the chapter before you begin.

2:14   May ______ know that You, Jesus, are his/her peace.

2:16   May ______ know that You, Jesus, have reconciled him/her to God through the cross.

2:19   May ______ know that (as a believer) he/she is no longer a foreigner and alien, but a fellow citizen with Your people and a member of Your household.

2:22   May ______ know that (as a believer) he/she is being built to become a dwelling in which You, God, live by Your Spirit.

QUESTION: Are you allowing Jesus to be your peace today? If not, what is keeping you from peace?

YOUR STORY of the week:  Chelsea says, “I look forward to the emails each day. I love seeing how the Word is alive and how certain verses show up at just the right time! For my sister’s baby shower, I gave her a prayer journal that I had started with several prayers with her son’s name written in, one that she can keep adding to as he gets older. After the baby was born, I stayed with my sister the first few nights in the hospital. Once when he was crying and couldn’t be calmed, my sister pulled out his journal that she had packed in her hospital bag. She started reading and praying for him by name, and after just a few words, he began to calm down.”  What’s YOUR story to share? Let us know how you are using the prayers or how you are sharing them with others! Has God answered a prayer of yours? Email us with YOUR story! 

SHARE:  Please share today’s prayers with someone via email, text, social media, or word of mouth, &  help us create a movement of praying scripture.



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