Leviticus 19:11-15

Please take a moment to pray these scriptures over someone today.  You may want to READ or LISTEN to the chapter before you begin. 

19:11    May ______ not steal, lie, or be one who deceives others.

19:12    May ______ never swear falsely by Your name and profane Your Name, God. May ______ know that you are the LORD.

19:14b    May ______ fear You, God.

19:15      May ______ never pervert justice.

QUESTION: What does the fear of God look like in your everyday life? Who do you know that has no fear of God? Pray for them today.

YOUR STORY of the week:   “I am in the ‘Praying for our Youth’ ministry at our church.  We are assigned a list of names of youth in our church to lift up in prayer weekly.  PrayScripture.org has been a great tool in helping me be faithful with those prayers.  And of course, since I read them in the morning, I also get a devo in before work!”  -Lyn

What’s YOUR STORY of how you are using our daily prayers? How is God using these prayers in your life or someone else’s life? Email us YOUR STORY and we’ll share it to encourage others as they pray!

SHARE:  Please share today’s prayers with someone via email, text, social media, or word of mouth, &  help us create a movement of praying scripture.

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