Psalm 21

 We have completed our journey through the book of Numbers. We will spend the next two weeks in Psalms and begin an exciting journey through Proverbs on January 1st!

Please take a moment to pray these scriptures over someone today.  You may want to READ or LISTEN to the chapter before you begin.

21:1a   May ______, like David, rejoice in your strength, Lord.

21:2     Grant the desire of ______’s heart, Lord, and do not withhold the request of his/her lips.

21:3a   Welcome ______ with rich blessings, Lord.

21:6     Grant ______ eternal blessings, Lord, and make him/her glad with the joy of Your presence.

21:7     May ______, like David, trust in You, Lord. May ______ know that through the unfailing love of the Most High, he/she will not be shaken.

21:13   May ______ say of You, “Be exalted, O Lord, in Your strength. I will sing and praise Your might.”

QUESTION: What is the desire of your heart that you lay before the Lord today?

YOUR STORY of the week: “As a college student with late nights studying and 8 am classes, it’s tough to be up early in the morning consistently to spend quality time in the Word. Unfortunately, with this being the case, there have been a lot of mornings that I wasn’t getting in the Word. has given me a great way to be proactive with my faith in the morning. As I walk to class, I’ll pull up the daily email on my phone and pray the scriptures for my family, roommates, friends, and myself. This has been such a great way to center my life on truth and check my priorities every morning before the day is in full swing!”  -Scott

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TWEET THIS: Through the unfailing love of the Most High, you will not be shaken. With whom can you share this to today? #prayScripture #prayPsalms

TWEET THIS: Rejoice in the Lord’s strength today. #prayPsalms #prayScripture


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