Proverbs 3:32-35

Please take a moment to pray these scriptures over someone today.  You may want to READ or LISTEN to Proverbs 3  before you begin.

Proverbs 3:32     May ______ know that You, Lord, detest a perverse man, but You take the upright into Your confidence. May ______ be upright.

Proverbs 3:33     May ______ know that Your curse is on the house of the wicked, but You bless the home of the righteous. May ______ be one who is righteous. Bless his/her home, Lord.

Proverbs 3:34   May ______ know that You mock proud mockers, Lord, but You give grace to the humble. May ______ be one who is humble.

Proverbs 3:35   May ______ know that the wise inherit honor, but You hold up fools to shame. May ______ be one who is wise.

QUESTION: The Lord blesses the home of the righteous. What blessings have you seen the Lord place on your home and those that live in it? Leave us a comment!

YOUR STORY of the week: My husband and I have committed to pray for our two grown daughters and granddaughter everyday.  We used to follow another prayer list that we kept in our bibles, but we would have to look the scriptures up. This format is so much better and easier!  We love it. We are trusting and believing in His word. -Nancy

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