Psalm 26:8-12

Take a moment to pray these scriptures over someone today.  You may want to READ or LISTEN to the chapter before you begin.

Psalm 26:8     May say in his/her heart, “I love the house where You live, O Lord, the place where Your glory dwells.”

Psalm 26:11     May ______ lead a blameless life. Redeem _______ and be merciful to him/her.

Psalm 26:12     May ______’s feet stand on level ground, and in the great assembly may ______ praise You, Lord.

QUESTION: In what ways are you pursuing a blameless life, a life of integrity, before God?

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YOUR STORY of the week: “A few friends and I threw a baby shower for an expecting mother. To close our evening of celebration, I typed out a “pray scripture” card with the soon-to-be baby’s name in the blank. It was such a special time to pray for this future child and minister to all the ladies that were in attendance. So thankful to God for His word and how it can be proclaimed in so many different ways, and that the gospel can be shared even at a baby shower!” -Denise

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Coming tomorrow, the book of Deuteronomy!


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