Intro to 1st Samuel & A Prayer for the Next Generation

Starting Monday, July 20th, we will spend eight days in the book of 1st Samuel.

First Samuel takes us from the end of the period of the Judges (in which God was Israel’s King) into the next period of Israel’s history where they would choose to be ruled by an earthly king. It tells of the life of Samuel, the last judge the Lord raised up over Israel, and of Israel’s first two kings whom Samuel anointed, Saul and David.

As we begin our journey through 1st Samuel, we feel compelled to ask you to pray this book over a specific group of people. We can all agree that the generation of young people to follow us greatly needs to be covered in prayer as their world and the culture they are growing up in is swiftly changing. Let us not fear for them, but pray for them!

Imagine what God could do in and through our children, grandchildren, and other young people by answering the following prayers (paraphrased):

-“Lord, we give our children over to You, to be used by You all of their days.”
-“Give them godly friends that will encourage them to find strength in You, Lord.”
-“Be with them as they grow, as You were with Samuel and David.”
-“Help them to grow in wisdom and in favor with You, God, and man.”
-“May they be brave and bold in the face of evil.”
-“God, teach them new parts of Your character that they may know You more.”
-“Reveal Yourself to them through Your word, Lord, as You did with Samuel.”
-“In their anguish and grief, (like Hannah) may they come to You to pour out their souls.”

As you continue to lift up those you regularly pray for, would you also join us in lifting up the next generation? Join us on a journey through 1st Samuel, and bring someone with you!

1st Samuel

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