Introduction to 1 Kings

Up next we will pray through the book of 1 Kings. First Kings begins with the death of King David, takes us through the rule of Solomon and building of the temple, and closes with the rule of various kings who ruled over the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern kingdom of Judah. Many names and events are mentioned, but we can see great distinctions in the lives of those who were mentioned by name. They either followed the Lord with all their heart and did what right in His eyes, they disobeyed God and did what was evil in His eyes, or as in King Solomon’s case, they followed God in the beginning, but allowed their hearts to be turned away from Him.

There is much for us to glean from the lives and the events in 1 Kings! We will spend our prayer time learning more of God’s character, focusing on issues of the heart, and asking God to give us the same character qualities we see in the lives of the men listed below:

-King David was faithful to God, righteous, and upright in heart.

-King Solomon was given a wise and discerning heart.

-King Asa had a heart fully committed to God.

-Obadiah was a devout believer in the Lord.

-Elijah was known as a man of God and was zealous for the Lord.

Praying through 1 Kings begs the question we must ask ourselves, “Is my heart not committed, partly committed, or fully committed to following the Lord and doing what is right in His eyes?”

Join us for an 8-day journey through 1 Kings, and invite someone to join you!

1 Kings

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