Introduction to 2 Kings

Coming up next we will spend six days in the book of 2 Kings. 2 Kings documents the period of Israel’s history in which the Northern tribes of Israel who defied the Lord were eventually defeated and scattered by the Assyrians, and the Southern tribes, who were led by a few godly kings, were also ultimately defeated and taken captive by the Babylonians for seventy years .

There is a stark contrast in how scripture speaks of the stiff-necked, rebellious Israelites and the few kings of the Southern kingdom who followed God with all of their hearts. During our prayer time, we will pray against committing the same sins as the rebellious Israelites and ask for the steadfast character and committed hearts of the good kings to be evident in our lives.

The rebellious Israelites didn’t trust or listen to God, they rejected His commands, they did what was forbidden, and they forsook the Lord their God.

In contrast:

*King Josiah was humble before God, maintained a heart that was responsive to God, and turned to the Lord with all of his heart, soul, and strength.

*King Hezekiah held fast to God and never ceased to follow Him, trusted God, and walked before God faithfully in wholehearted devotion.

*King Amaziah & King Joash did what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

Join us on a journey through 2 Kings, where we will spend the next six days asking God for hearts that are steadfastly and wholeheartedly committed to walking with Him. Who can you invite to pray this book with you?

2 Kings

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