Introduction to 1 Chronicles

Up next, we will spend ten days in the book of 1 Chronicles. It is believed that Ezra wrote this book after the exile to show the Israelites, once again, how to worship their God. The book opens with various lists and genealogies, tells the story of David’s rise and rule as king, and ends with David’s son Solomon becoming king. Through each segment of 1 Chronicles, there are specific truths for us to learn and pray over our lives.

Reading through the genealogies, there are a few people whose description only take up a line or two of text, but their testimony speaks loudly of their character. We will ask God to give us these same characteristics.

-Zechariah was a wise counselor.
– Jonathan was a man of insight.
-The Men of Issachar understood the times and knew what to do.
-Jabez was a man who cried out to the Lord daily with a very specific prayer.

David’s prayer in 1 Chronicles 16 (also found in Psalm 105) as well as David’s charge to His son Solomon before he was to become king (1 Chronicles 28) provide us with deep truths about who God is and what our response should be in our worship of Him.

God is to be feared above all gods.
-There is no one like Him; there is no one BUT Him.
-Everything in heaven and on earth is the Lord’s.

Therefore our response should be nothing less than:

-To give thanks.
-To ascribe to Him glory.
-To make known among the nations what He has done.
-To proclaim His salvation to others.

1 Chronicles would serve as a reminder to the Israelites of who their God was and how they, the people of God, were to respond. We need that same reminder today! We serve the only true God who deserves nothing but our wholehearted devotion and worship of Him.

Join us on a journey through 1 Chronicles as we praise God for who He is and ask Him to help us honor and worship him through our lives.

1 chronicles

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