Introduction to 2nd John

Up next, we will spend just two short days praying through the book of 2nd John. 2nd John contains only one chapter in which John, the beloved disciple, encourages the recipient(s) in two main areas: to show their love for God by loving others and keeping God’s commandments, and to warn them against deceivers who were teaching the false doctrine that Jesus did not actually rise from the dead.

Though we are living in a different generation, it is clear we are still fighting the same battles as the recipients of John’s letter — believing God’s truth versus man’s truth, learning how to love others the way God commands, and the constant fight to continue in the Lord’s teaching rather than to follow the ways of the world.

Though just two days, our prayer time in 2nd John will be incredibly rich and powerful! Join us as we pray through this book, and invite someone to join you!

2 John

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