Introduction to Ecclesiastes

Up next we will spend seven days in the book of Ecclesiastes. If you’ve spent much time in Ecclesiastes, you might think of it as a very depressing book! Over and over we hear Solomon, the author, essentially say, “Everything is meaningless.” We all live. We all will die. Everything we’ve gained during our lifetime will be left to someone else. How true, then, that trying to find meaning in things, worldly pleasures, or anything else other than God –the Maker and Sustainer of life – is not only futile, but also extremely depressing! Without God, life and everything in it truly is meaningless.

However, in light of the gospel, we now have hope knowing that Jesus conquered death! Therefore, as His followers, we need not live for this world, but with eternity in mind. Ecclesiastes closes by saying, “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind”(Ecc. 12:13b).

Do you know anyone who is currently walking through life apart from God, living for himself or herself?

Do you find yourself trying to store up money, possessions, or pleasures?

Do you know anyone who is trying to find meaning in life outside of God?

It is safe to say that we all either know someone or are guilty ourselves of still living with our minds on this world (and perhaps trying to find our meaning in it) rather than in preparation for eternity. Join us in praying through Ecclesiastes as we ask God to help us fear Him, keep His commandments, and gain an eternal perspective as we live out our brief days here on earth.


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