Introduction to Song of Solomon

Up next, we will spend just one day praying in Song of Solomon. Also called Song of Songs, this is one of five poetic books in the Bible, written about the love, courtship, and marriage between a husband and wife. It gives a picture to us of what God designed the marriage relationship to be like. Though God’s name is never mentioned and we never hear Him speak, we do see a picture of how God loves us, His church. As believers in Christ, we are known as the bride of Christ. Praise God that one day our bridegroom will come back to take us with Him to our home in heaven forever!

Our prayer time in this book will remind us that God’s banner over us is love. Who in your life needs to be reminded of God’s love for them? Do you need a reminder today? Join us for a day of prayer in Song of Solomon. Invite someone to pray this book with you!

Song of songs

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