Introduction to Isaiah

Get ready! We are about to take an amazing 46-day journey through the book of Isaiah. This 66-chapter book contains God’s words to Judah, spoken through the prophet Isaiah. Chapters 1-39 speak to the sin and destruction of God’s people, Israel. Chapters 40-66 speak to a future hope –the coming Messiah and the comfort of a merciful God. Forty-six days together in Isaiah gives us an opportunity to cover a lot of ground in prayer, but our prayers will focus on three key topics:

1.  The nature and character of our God, the “Holy One of Israel.”

We will pray for a belief in God and a right response of reverence and awe for who He is. God is holy. The whole earth is full of His glory, and He will not give His glory to another. He alone is God and there is none like Him. In Him alone are righteousness and strength. He made heaven and earth. He is God over all the kingdoms of earth. His purposes will stand. He is the Everlasting God and does not grow tired or weary. He speaks the truth. He is Almighty God and yet, He redeems, sustains, carries, and upholds us out of His intimate love for us.

2.  Jesus, the promised Messiah, “the Suffering Servant,” and His work on the cross on our behalf.

We will pray for a belief in Jesus and the prophecies regarding Him. We will thank Him for His sacrifice, His suffering, His bearing of our sin, and His intercession made for sinners.

3.  Who we are in God and how we can live in obedience to Him.

We will pray for a right response to a holy, merciful God and His loving, sacrificial Son. He is with us; therefore, we should fear not. When we hope in Him, He strengthens us. We should trust Him, exalt Him, praise Him, and proclaim and acknowledge His holiness. We will pray against coming near God with our lips hearts far from Him. We will ask that our hearts’ prayer would be that of Isaiah’s, “Lord, here am I. Send me!”

The journey ahead in the book of Isaiah is one of the richest you will take in praying God’s Word. We hope that you will join us and invite others to pray along with you!


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