Introduction to 2 Peter

Up next, we will spend five days praying through the book of 2 Peter. It is believed that Peter wrote this book in prison while awaiting his execution. Because false teachers and false doctrine were prevalent during this time, Peter encouraged Christians to strengthen their faith and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. He challenged them to hold fast to the authenticity of God’s Word given through the prophets and reminded them of the sure return of Jesus.

In our current culture, we, as believers, need to be challenged in the same ways! We also need a renewed sense of urgency to pray over our children and the next generation a belief in the authenticity and authority of God’s Word, a recognition of the need to grow in the knowledge of Jesus to fight the false teachings of the world, and a commitment to live godly and holy lives.

Together as believers, let’s pray for ourselves and the next generation to be firmly established in God’s truth, stimulated to wholesome thinking, and committed to live holy and godly lives as we look forward to Christ’s coming.

These are just a few of the powerful prayers found in 2 Peter that are essential to our current place in culture. Join us in praying, and invite someone to pray with you!


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