Volunteer Opportunities

PrayScripture.org is run 100% by volunteers who have a heart for praying God’s Word and who want to use their personal gifts to further God’s Kingdom.  If you are a follower of Christ and possess a skill set that could fill a current need for this ministry, please EMAIL us! We would LOVE to have you join our team!

*We currently serve 3,000+ people, in over 25 countries, through email and social media.
*All positions are volunteer, non-paid positions.

1. Graphic Designer
(*College Students- This would be a great opportunity to gain experience and build your portfolio!)  
-Create 3 to 5 graphics a week (See Instagram Graphics)
-Post the graphics to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, 1x a day, Monday-Friday.
-Approx. 3 hours a week commitment.
-We provide the photos, scriptures, and exact wording for the social media posts. The person in this position would work with the text to create beautiful graphics and then post them onto social media.
*These visuals help us to spread the word about prayscripture.org and serve as a daily visual reminder for our followers to pray God’s Word.

2. Graphic Designer Part 2

-If someone is interested but cannot commit to the above description, we are also open to someone who could commit to half (1-2 images a week, posting 1-2 days a week).

Everyday we strive to use beautiful and original photos as backdrops for the prayers we post on social media. 

-We highlight a different photographer for each book of the Bible. Depending on the size of the book you are selected for, we would need approximately 10-30 original photos.
-In exchange for your photos, we will promote your website and/or Instagram account through our social media accounts and email, which currently serves approximately 3,000 people.

.  Public Relations/Marketing
-We are looking for someone with PR or marketing experience and/or knowledge to help us create a strategic, social media marketing strategy.
-This would also include posting to social media.
-Approx. 2 hours a week

4.  Computer Programmer/Web Developer

-This is a not a regular need, but a very important role for us on a project by project basis.
-We are looking for someone who has a working knowledge of WordPress, can read/write coding for websites, and possesses an in-depth knowledge of computer programming and/or web development.

.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We are looking for someone with an in-depth knowledge of SEO who could help us create and implement a strategy based on current and relevant SEO practices.
-This would be a project to project basis.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please EMAIL us!

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  1. Janice December 28, 2017 at 11:25 am #

    My daughter is very gifted in both photography and graphic design. She also has a heart for God. She would like to volunteer to help in your ministry and would most enjoy using her own photography for the designs. Please let us know what the next step would be. She would love to start soon! 🙂

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