Rally cry


We long to serve you O God, and make known to the nations Your name.
Your perfect light demands glory! You alone are worthy of fame.

Oh that people would pray Your word, with one voice speak it back to You.
That is our heart and our passion, to this calling may we follow through!

We will go to Your word daily, search Your scriptures that speak the truth.
We’ll ask others to join us in praying-all believers, from old to youth.

Lord we ask you for thousands before You, who stand daily praying Your word.
Show them the richness of Your scriptures. Show them their voices are heard.

And may we in our generation, begin a revival anew.
May our world be changed for Your kingdom, O God, when all of our praying is through.

You Lord, go before us, and You are our rear guard.
Give us faith to trust and strength to stand, when the journey seems much too hard.

It is You alone who sustains us. It is to You we commit our lives.
Lord bless us, keep us, and help us, until on earth, You O God, arrive.

These words came to me one night as I was praying over this website. This is the rally cry for prayScripture.org. May it bless you, challenge you,  & invite you to pray along with me that thousands will pray God’s word daily.