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“A few friends and I threw a baby shower for an expecting mother. To close our evening of celebration, I typed out a “pray scripture” card with the soon-to-be baby’s name in the blank. It was such a special time to pray for this future child and minister to all the ladies that were in attendance. So thankful to God for His word and how it can be proclaimed in so many different ways, and that the gospel can be shared even at a baby shower!” -Denise

“My husband and I have committed to pray for our two grown daughters and granddaughter everyday.  We used to follow another prayer list that we kept in our bibles, but we would have to look the scriptures up. This format is so much better and easier!  We love it. We are trusting and believing in His word.”- Nancy

“When I stumbled upon, I was in the midst of a spiritual war, and felt I was losing momentum in my prayer life. These prayers were a perfect way to come to the Lord with my requests when words failed me. When a friend confided in me of her own personal crisis, I immediately shared how praying the scriptures was such a blessing in my life. She didn’t even have the strength to boot up her computer to view the daily prayers, so I started taking screenshots of the prayers and texting the pictures of the verses to her. She said that the texts came to her when she needed them the most. How freeing for me to have the best words, advice, and encouragement for a hurting friend — the gift of God’s perfect spoken Word!”-Abbe

As a college student with late nights studying and 8 am classes, it’s tough to be up early in the morning consistently to spend quality time in the Word. Unfortunately, with this being the case, there have been a lot of mornings that I wasn’t getting in the Word. has given me a great way to be proactive with my faith in the morning. As I walk to class, I’ll pull up the daily email on my phone and pray the scriptures for my family, roommates, friends, and myself. This has been such a great way to center my life on truth and check my priorities every morning before the day is in full swing!  -Scott

“I am in the ‘Praying for our Youth’ ministry at our church.  We are assigned a list of names of youth in our church to lift up in prayer weekly. has been a great tool in helping me be faithful with those prayers.  And of course, since I read them in the morning, I also get a devo in before work!”  -Lyn

I want my children to know and hear what I am praying over them.  In the mornings, we read the daily verses together over breakfast. When we are in the car, I pray the verses out loud specifically over each child, one at a time, speaking it over them as we are driving.  Sometimes I have my 9-year-old son read the verses out loud and have him pray them over himself, or sometimes over his sister who is also in the car.  I want them to hear the bold prayers that are being prayed over them each day. -Amy

Being a mom and wife is hard. There are good days and bad days. On this particular day I was having a bad day. I am a stay at home mom. Some days I feel like all I ever do is clean, cook, laundry; clean, cook, laundry. While doing the dishes one day, I was so frustrated that I started crying.  I got on the computer and went to I knew I needed to pray, but I didn’t know what to say. One of the prayers was John 15:16 that says, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.” I felt like God was telling me, “I chose you to be the mother to those kids and I chose you to be the wife to that man. This is the job I have given you, to raise them up in the way they should go. Now go and bear fruit.” I prayed and thanked Him for my husband, for my kids, and for the job He has given me. It really put life into perspective for me, and I could see what really matters. Even though some days will be hard, I know my hard work is not in vain. After my prayer, I wiped my tears and went back to finish the dishes. This time I wasn’t angry about doing them. I felt blessed to do them. I had a great day that day .  -Valerie

I look forward to the emails each day. I love seeing how the Word is alive and how certain verses show up at just the right time! For my sister’s baby shower, I gave her a prayer journal that I had started with several prayers with her son’s name written in, one that she can keep adding to as he gets older. After the baby was born, I stayed with my sister the first few nights in the hospital. Once when he was crying and couldn’t be calmed, my sister pulled out his journal that she had packed in her hospital bag. She started reading and praying for him by name, and after just a few words, he began to calm down.  -Chelsea

Praying scripture with our prodigal daughter’s name daily has given us, her parents, a true sense of God’s love and power.  It has helped us to know God’s truth regarding her life and not to focus on the circumstances that we see.  We believe the promises of God’s Word and walk in faith that He isn’t done writing her story.  Even though she is absent from our life, God’s Word connects us to her and He goes before us and knows all things.”  – Parents of a Prodigal

“The prayers in John have been powerful scriptures to pray for our Chinese friend, Long, who is searching for Truth. Praying that The Lord lifts the veil from his eyes so that he can see and have faith to believe.” -Roxie

I asked a friend what I could specifically pray for him. He told me. Also on the same day another friend gave me a link to pray  I went to the website and signed up.  God working the way He does, the first scripture I prayed was directly related to the prayer request my friend gave me earlier.  It was awesome to pray by name for my brother.- Jess

This has been a great way for me to pray scripture for family, friends, and sometimes even myself. If you’re looking for a way to help you have a structured, consistent, way to pray for others then is for you.
-Nick, Pastor

Praying scripture has really helped me and grown my heart for praying to God,  but also praying for family, friends, myself, and guys on my football team. It has helped me focus on God’s will and what He wants me to pray about. This website has been a great tool to help me grow deeper in my relationship with God! I would encourage anyone who wants to go deeper and make an impact to pray using scripture!

In my bible study the question was asked, “Ponder two or three amazing people God has strategically brought into your life, and what they have meant to you.”. I immediately thought of Danielle and her site. I don’t know her at all except through a few emails and having received her daily scriptures, but she has drastically changed my prayer life. I would tell myself that I daily needed to get into God’s word, but in reality would I do it? No. With my four kids it seemed there was always something to be done. But then I started getting the emails. I may not have always gotten to the email in the morning, but I knew it was there waiting for me until I had some quite time, which may not be until 10:30 at night.  I would think a little before reading the prayer about who God was putting on my heart. I was amazed time and time again how perfectly the scripture and prayer fit that person or persons needs. It’s not a coincidence when this happens.

Praying scripture infuses the truth and power of God’s word directly into your prayer life.  Each day provides a new passage with specific and significant prayers for those the Lord has put on your heart.  You want to transform your prayer life?  I don’t know any better way than praying God’s word, and is the tool that makes it simple and easy.

The daily scriptures sent to me each day have made such a difference for my prayer life. This has been such an easy way to stay in the word each day and when I feel pressed for time, the words are provided for me.  I also feel like I’m praying bigger prayers than what I may have prayed on my own.  I have found that my prayers go beyond the words of scripture at times and that is an added blessing for me.

Praying scripture has changed my prayer life drastically. I’ve prayed for transformation in my Dad’s heart for decades and haven’t seen much change. I recently felt a deep conviction to pray the scriptures I received from over him. Since I started praying scripture over him, my Mom has noticed a significant change in him  that only the Lord is capable of doing. I believe that God has given me new vision for how to pray for my Dad and am humbled by the Lord allowing me to play a small part in His work.





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  1. kathy November 24, 2014 at 5:54 pm #

    Well I have been praying scriptures for about 1 month with you. I believe in and pray scriptures over my family and friends and whoever God calls me to pray for. The word is powerful. dividing the intents and emotions and what really is in our hearts . I want to be counted with God and his . I love the lord Jesus, with all my heart mind and strength. I m waiting for what he has for me until He returns. And how I can serve him and others with a submissive heart and will.

    • prayscripture December 11, 2014 at 11:47 am #

      That is wonderful Kathy! You are so right, the word IS powerful. I will pray for the Lord to continue to guide you in what He has for you! (I’m so sorry to just now respond. I somehow missed your comment.) Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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