Who We Are


danielle2ndedits-2My name is Danielle.  

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife to the best man I know, and a mom of three boys five and under that I love more than life. I am a wannabe prayer warrior that has fallen in love with praying scripture. Here’s the story of why I started prayScripture.org and why I hope you will join me on a journey of praying scripture.


How it all began

prayscripture-5A couple of years ago after the birth of my firstborn son, I felt a leading from the Lord to pray through the Bible for him.  I had prayed Scripture before, but praying through the entire Bible was definitely a new concept for me.  I began a daily Bible reading plan. As I read, any verses that stuck out to me I wrote in the form of a prayer with my son’s name inserted into the verse.

I wrote the prayers in a journal for him. His journal is filled with the most beautiful, hope-filled, life-giving, dream-inspiring prayers for him, and not a single word is mine. There are words of promise, hope, and intentionality for his life that I could never have dreamed up on my own.  Every time I skim its pages, I am filled with great anticipation of what the Lord will do in and through his life.


Why I created prayScripture.org

I believe God gave me the vision to create this website because He wants the same thing for YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, and YOUR LOVED ONES.  My prayer is for thousands of people to pray God’s Word together everyday. What a powerful impact this will make in our lives, our families, our generation, and in our world! Wherever this website finds you today, it is no accident that you are here.  As you pray God’s Word, may you be drawn nearer to the heart of God, may you hunger to know God and His Word, and may your life be truly transformed by the power of the gospel.

Those with me

lightstock_62135_xsmall_user_4385630I have been joined by the most invaluable friends, family members, & mentors a person could ask for.  They took my simple idea & have given it life, form, & function.  I am just the typist. They are the website gurus, graphic designers, photographers, daily encouragers, prayer warriors, & idea planters. They are the ones walking beside me, guiding me, teaching me, praying for me, and praying for you.  They, like Aaron and Hur did for Moses, are truly the people holding up my arms so that I am able to begin & complete this journey.  Although their names are not listed, THEY, through their commitment to Christ, are the life-givers to what was once just an idea.


WE are the ones praying for and with YOU.