How To Use


How do I use the Daily Prayers?

Option 1: Choose a person or people to commit to pray for daily. Insert their names into the provided spaces everyday.

Option 2:
Read the verse first. Ask yourself, “Who does this apply to?” and insert their name(s) in to the provided spaces.

What if I’m praying for multiple people everyday?

  • Pray for one person at a time and repeat the verses for each person
  • OR put all of the names together and pray for them at one time

There’s no right or wrong way to pray scripture! Just commit, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, and start praying.

Have another way you use our daily prayers? Email us so we can share your idea with others! 

Who should I pray for?
The possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • yourself
  • your spouse
  • your children
  • your unborn child
  • grandchildren & great-grandchildren
  • family
  • friends
  • potential spouse  for yourself or future spouse for your children
  • lost friends & family members
  • persecuted Christians around the world
  • orphans, children in foster care
  • pastors, missionaries, Christian leaders
  • world, country, and local leaders
  • the poor, hurting, exploited, & lost in the world
  • ask God to place someone specific on your heart that needs prayer

How can I use the daily prayer to go deeper?

  1. READ or LISTEN to the corresponding chapter for each day’s scriptures using the provided links.
  2. REFLECT on the daily question.
  3.  MEDITATE on or MEMORIZE one of the daily verses.
  4. WRITE the prayers on notecards.
  5. START a scripture prayer journal for yourself or someone else.
  6. ENGAGE in the conversation by commenting on the daily posts.

What are the BEST ways I can share the daily prayers? 

  1. Email someone the prayers you just prayed for them.
  2. Text a picture of the daily verses.
  3. Share via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or your favorite avenue of social media.
  4. Word of mouth.

Are there other options for praying scripture on this site?

bookYou can use the Pray by Book page to:

  • Catch up on books you may have missed
  • Re-pray through a book you love
  • Pray through a book of the Bible you are currently studying
  • Pray through a book at your own pace

We suggest you subscribe to the daily email first, and then use the Pray by Book page to pray through the other books if you desire.

Ready to begin? Pray today’s verses here.