Introduction to 1st Timothy

Up Next, we will pray through the book, 1st Timothy. 1st Timothy was written by the apostle Paul to Timothy, his “true son in the faith.” Paul gave instructions to Timothy concerning many areas within the church, including church leadership, worship, living godly lives, warnings against false teachers and a love of money, and so much more.

Our prayer time in 1st Timothy will include:

-Prayers for church leaders
-Prayers to combat a love of money
-Prayers for putting hope in God alone
-Prayers specifically for men & women
-Prayers for our children to be brought up in the truths of the faith and to never wander from it
-Prayers that show us God’s heart toward sinners
-Prayers to fight the good fight of faith

As you pray through this book, we think you will find yourself not only praying for yourself and your children, but also for your church leaders and many others that God brings to mind! 1st Timothy will be an incredible journey! We hope that you will join us and bring someone with you.

1st TImothy

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