Introduction to Amos

Coming up next, we will spend two days in the Old Testament book of Amos. Amos was a Judean shepherd whom God called to speak judgment against the nation of Israel. On the outside, Israel was powerful and prosperous, but God knew that their sins ran deep. Though God promised wrath and punishment to the surrounding nations and Judah as well as Israel, He finished His message with one of hope for the restoration of the remnant of Israel.

Powerful and prosperous externally, yet ridden with sin internally. Does that sound familiar? Maybe certain countries, institutions, or people come to mind. The important question is, “Does that describe your life at all?” Our prayer time in Amos will be a good reminder for us to be diligent to seek the Lord, never reject His Word, hate what is evil, and love what is good so that we do not become corrupt internally. It will also remind us of the character of our God, who, though He promises wrath to those who oppose Him, He also remembers His covenant with His people and promises restoration and hope for them in the future. As you pray through Amos for the people in your life, remember to examine your own motives and the person you are becoming!

Join us on a two-day journey through Amos, and invite someone to pray with you.


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